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Casino Mate App for Aussie mobile players

If you’ve been playing casino games online with any regularity here in Australia over the last few years then you’ll almost certainly have heard of Casino Mate. It is one of only a handful of casino brands that was designed specifically with Aussie players in mind and tailors the experience in that exact manner and now you can enjoy a little patriotic gaming action on the go, thanks to the official Casino Mate App . If you have seen the brand before, then you’ll know what to expect as both the online and mobile versions are incredibly close in terms of features. If not, then read on as we’ve covered everything that you need to know as the impressive brand tackles the mobile market below!

Starting Off with the Casino Mate App

Casino Mate’s mobile offering continues to be based on the Microgaming platform and this effectively means that all of the features that the game developer has designed are available to players. When it comes to starting off with the app, this means that the experience across any device is closely linked. Indeed, if you visit the casino by clicking through, you can of course register an account and this goes for readers that are viewing the feature on their computer or mobile device. That account is then all you need – if you find yourself playing on the PC then simply enter those details to access your balance and of course the games. If you’re on your phone or tablet then do the same thing and you’ll be in the same place, with access to all of your bonuses and rewards too.

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Available Mobile Casino Games

One thing that can safely be said about Microgaming is that they know their stuff when it comes to pokies, and it certainly helps that they have created more online exclusives than any other company. It makes sense, therefore, that they happen to be behind the largest standalone selection of mobile pokies out there, and what a selection it is. Whether you fancy some classic Aristocrat style action on the likes of Thunderstruck 2, or the opportunity to win a massive progressive prize just like you can on the latest Aristocrat linked cabinets, it is all here. Just like when playing online, you can take a break from the reels with a few taps and find yourself in some fast paced blackjack or roulette action, or even take in some video poker. In short, anything that you would expect of a fully featured casino experience is available through the Casino Mate app and it all fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand!

The Mobile Experience

The distinctly Aussie flavour that you may well have encountered on the full Casino Mate site is in full effect here on the mobile app. That means that all of your transactions and bonuses are handled in Aussie Dollars so you know exactly where you stand at all times. You can also grab all of the bonuses and promotions that online players are entitled too, in addition to some mobile exclusives, all of which can be reached from the main account management screen at any time. It makes for a truly Aussie gaming experience that we have no hesitation in recommending!