Casino Games for Australian Players
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Casino Games for Australian Players

Very few industries have undergone changes such as those experienced by online casinos over such a short period of time. In the mid-1990s, much of the effort was put into getting first mover advantage and releasing stable gaming platforms that ensured that players were safe and had a great time while enjoying games that had never been seen before. Various sub industries sprung up and players in Australia and around the world are now familiar with brand names that specialise in certain aspects of online casino gaming. Nowadays, players can find a much broader selection of options. There are literally hundreds of online casinos competing with each other to offer the best service and attract the largest share of the player base, differentiating themselves with numerous promotions and hundreds of games, with each looking to offer the perfect experience.
With so many players interested in playing at online casinos – millions in Australia alone – there are just as many criteria for selecting the perfect place to play. In this article we will be focusing on the one that generally appeals most to players, the games on offer.

With so many titles and operators to choose from, it is no longer the case that players can simply play every game at a casino before choosing their favourite. Online casino gaming is all about convenience and the ability to play anywhere and at any time, and trying hundreds of pokies and table games is not a particularly efficient use of play time!

Instead, players have often opted to research games beforehand. Most have a good general idea of what they look for in an online casino game, and using sites such as ours players can narrow down their choices to a shortlist of excellent titles that often prove to satisfy all criteria while hopefully proving profitable over both the short and long terms.

The first consideration for many players is the cost of the game

Some, such as online blackjack, have linear betting patterns that are restricted only by table limits. Players who enjoy gambling a solitary dollar can play at the same tables as high rollers with absolutely no negative effect on gameplay or the fun factor. Other games, particularly pokies, establish a wagering requirement based on a number of factors such as coin bets and win lines. Others require additional wagers to unlock certain features. Above all, players should ensure that they set and stick to a budget and ensure that their game of choice is suitable for these financial requirements.

Another aspect of choosing the right game is the technology used. Different casinos use different platforms to deliver their gaming experience to the desktop. Again, looking back to the 1990s, web browsers simply were not advanced enough to deliver the kind of gaming quality that was required to keep players coming back for more. Therefore, early market movers in the industry often only offered downloadable clients for gameplay, with the vast majority continuing to do so to this day. A legacy of the original software is that many do not work on Apple operating systems, meaning that Apple users missed out on games, although this has now all but been eliminated as most online casinos offer web based versions of their software that works independently of the user’s operating system. One tip for beginners, especially using downloadable software, is to always ensure that the software is acquired from a reliable source and that all antivirus tools are kept up to date.

It is also important to remember that online casino games are by no means a get rich quick scheme

Online casinos are businesses, just as the land based versions before them were. The odds of virtually any game with very few exceptions are always built into the software to ensure that the operator has a slight edge over the player. Basically, there is as much chance of losing as winning and this must be factored in to budgets. Of course, strategies and unique play styles can serve to increase the odds in the player’s favour, but in many cases the most popular strategies are built in to the odds on offer. Online blackjack, for example, offers odds that are calculated assuming that the player is sticking to the perfect basic strategy and failing to do so means that the chances of winning are reduced.

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If you truly are a beginner at online casino games then there are certain titles that will act as a softer introduction to the pastime than others. Operators and software developers have to offer games of all sorts of complexity levels to keep players happy, but the best idea for new players is to play something online that they are already familiar with, or to play a pokie or other game with relatively few options, making it easier to keep track of the action and to get used to betting patterns and bankroll management. As the player’s confidence and understanding grows, they are well set to move on to bigger and better games.

Finally, we urge players to only stick to the most reliable casinos. Any industry that sees such vast quantities of money changing hands is bound to attract some shady players and the best way to keep safe is to avoid any questionable operations. Part of the criteria for our recommended online casinos is that they have longstanding reputations among players for quick payouts and secure financial management, meaning that our list of recommendations is an ideal place to start in the knowledge that games are fair and that your money is secure.